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Why does the kids amusement equipment last its popularity among tourists?

vf_WoodstockWhirlybirds_header1Why does the amusement equipment last its popularity among tourists, such as Luxury Carousel – Kiddie Rides for sale.

The Combination of education and pleasure can help the children broaden knowledge, cultivate temperament, and promote the integrated development of moral, intellectual, physical aspects, especially for children’s intelligence development, it has an immeasurable role. This also is why the kid’s amusement ride are so popular both among kids and their parents in recent years. It also promoted the development of some industry, such as the kids amusement rides manufacturer industry and kid’s game toy industry.

(1) Beston children’s amusement equipment contributes to the development of the child observation. In the process of playing, if child want to reflect the plot exquisitely, they have to view detailed concretely and specifically. So do the role playing game. In the role play game, they have to desire to see things, play the content, the more meticulously they gallery-kids-img01bact, the more realistic of the role. So the development of the child intelligence are more likely to be improved. Kids will have a batter development. Such as the bumper car bodies for sale games: Bumper car is modern, amusing full of happiness, bringing energy to the city. Also bring the great joy to family children and people all over the world. The great fun resource of joy for the children specially, it is also the recreation amusement equipment.

(2) Children’s amusement equipment also contributes to children’s attention development. In the process of playing, the role of fixed, and they will contact with other characters, so they must have good an attention. Only in this way kids can truly experience the joy. Such as Pirate Ship Rides – Amusement Park Rides for Sale( Compared the big and medium pirate ship ride fixed on the concrete ground, this kids small pirate ship ride is fixed on a metal table. The metal table with the pirate ship on can be moved on trailers or trucks. So it is very suit for traveling funfair business.

What You Should Know About Tagada Disco Rides

The recognition of amusement rides is a result of the illusion of danger. No matter how fast the ride or how high the roller coaster is, or maybe the quantity of loops you decide to go through, you realize you’re safely seated inside your chair.

Tagada disco rides, however, are very different. When you are inside a Tagada, there’s no illusion of danger, you are truly in danger. Although they are not as quick like a rollercoaster, or drop coming from a certain height just like a drop tower does. Rather, you take a moment in a Tagada disc. The operator, who also acts as DJ, will likely spin the disc. You bounce from the tilt of your disc, and from the fact that you aren’t restrained, so as not to obtain thrown around, you have to hold on the steel bars behind you. If you are unlucky, you might fly from your seat towards the other end of the disc.

Disco rides for all adults and children

Disco rides for all adults and children

Korea loves the tagada disco ride, where it’s also known as tambourine rides or taga discos. No theme park or circus in the peninsula would be complete without one.

Of course, individuals in the usa and other thrill-ride havens will not be too pumped up about the absence of security measures. Most Koreans, however, maintain that portion of the fun is being thrown from the seat.

The tagada disc rotates from 64 to 68 seconds in one direction before it rotates within the other direction. This modification in direction is when a lot of people fall straight back to the difficult chair and break their tailbone. More tagada ride info in

Make no mistake, whilst they look clunky, tagadas are in fact nasty monsters. It may seem like nothing at the beginning but it really could get dangerous. My experience with the tagada, however, continues to be safe for the most part, however, there were instances when it was absolutely embarrassing particularly with comments in the DJ.

If you are a foreigner in Korea, you can expect to get noticed when you ride a Tagada disco. So, be ready for any special mention or attention by the DJ. Watching people utilizing countries get tossed using their seats is, I suppose, funny to Koreans.

I heard that Tagada disco rides can be found in amusement parks in China. I’ve never been to China therefore i don’t be sure. However it would surely be nice if I could ride a Tagada when I resume Florida this season. Click here to visit a useful amusement rides site.

Brief introduction of the origin of amusement rides on theme parks

Today Beston introduce the history and origin of carousel, Ferris wheel, wave swinger and bumper cars. Then you will get to know more about those amusement equipment rides.
QQ图片20150429161445Try to call up a childhood memory of riding the merry-go-round for hot sale: the lights, the mirrors,the band organ playing circus tunes. Do you remember what the horse you rode looked like?
You probably can’t recall the specific details, which is why you might not realize thatsome carousels are more magical than others. Today, the original antique carousels for hot sale areendangered beasts. At the height of the Golden Age of Carousels (1890s-1920s), somewherebetween 2,000 and 3,000 hand-carved, hand-painted merry-go-rounds were spinning around theUnited States. Now, there are only 150 of these antique carousels in operation.The name“carousel” derives from “carosello,” an Italian word for “little war,” referring to amedieval game Turkish soldiers used to play on horseback.By the 1800s, hand-cranked andhorse-driven carousels were built exclusively for amusement.Zoos were just starting, so thecarvers were able to see tigers, lions, camels, and giraffes.
Wave swinger
The Waveswinger premiered in Germany in 1972 as a park model designed by Zierer, built byFranz Schwarzkopf (older brother of Anton). In 1974 the first transportable Wellenflug (asit is knownQQ图片20150717142133 in its home country of Germany) premiered under the same partnership. Sincethis time there have been over 150 units exported worldwide by Beston  who later went on tobe the Waveswinger’s sole manufacturer.As the name suggests, the ride moves in anoscillating wave-like motion. Tilting at its peak, the carousel rises telescopicallyflinging riders of young and old into the cool breeze at 30km/h (10 rpm). The rotating topis raised via 4 sets of cables linked to a hydraulic ram inside the central column. The ramthen retracts to pull the cables that hold the centre ring (and attached carousel) upwards;eventually tilting over a curve in top of the central pole, which rotates in the oppositedirection to create its unique motion. (this moving centre-pole remains ingeniously hiddenunder the decorative panelling) The carousel swing ride for good sale is rotated by 2 motors in the roof, while 2motors in the base turn the curved centre pole in the opposite direction.The Waveswinger’spopularity continues into the 21st century with Zierer offering five different sized unitsfor 24, 32, 40, 48 and 64 persons, all decorated with the hand-painted Bavarian scenerythat riders and owners world over have come to love.
Ferris wheel:
ferris-wheel2The first ferris wheel for sale was designed by George W. Ferris, a bridge-builder from Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania.The Ferris wheel may be one of the greatest inventions of all time. It turned100 years old in 1993. The Ferris wheel stood 25 stories high and held over 1,400passengers. From the top of the ride, passengers could see 50 miles. It took 20 minutes forthe enormous wheel to make one complete turn. After the Chicago World’s Fair, the Ferriswheel was taken to the 1904 St. Louis Exposition.World’s Tallest Ferris Wheels: For Now,Las Vegas Takes The Prize.The New York Wheel on Staten Island, scheduled to open in 2016,call for a 630-foot-tall observation wheel equal to about 60 stories, and the Dubai Eye isprojected to stand 690 feet tall. And nowadays, small ferris wheel for hot sale become increasing popular.
Bumper cars:
The history of the bumper car for hot sale includes the development of the British Dodgem, the AutoSkooter and hovercraft cars. While many bumper car rides continue to operate today at smallcarnival venues cross the world, the largest bumper car installation, The Rue Le Dodge, islocated in Gurnee, Ill., at Six Flags Great America. A replica of this ride was installedat Great America’s park in Santa Clara, Calif., in 2005.

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Trackless trains for sale on professional trackless train manufacturer Beston

QQ图片20150528094035No matter what new technology is introduced to children, they still are fascinated by planes, kids train ride , and automobiles. Trackless trains for sale on professional trackless train manufacturer Beston.Younger children enjoy the noises they make while riding them and older children enjoy seeing the past evolve into the present via the history of transportation. The study can be introduced into any classroom or homeschooling session with an interactive history lesson. The students can make large drawings of horse- drawn carriages to begin the study. You could also contact local stables to see about pony or horse rides. Going on from there, you can have a section on early cars with student drawings or perhaps actual classic cars. Then, you can move unto trains. The students can ride a mall train for sale while learning the history of trains in America. Some interesting and important dates to include are as follows: 1830- A race between the B&O’s Tom Thumb and a horse-drawn carriage near Dotto062[1]Ellicott’s Mills, MD with the horse winning. Also that year was the first scheduled passenger train service in America from Charleston, South Carolina 1831- The first U.S. mail is carried by rail on the South Carolina Canal & Railroad Co. 1916- U.S. railroads reach their peak mileage, with over 254,037 miles of track. 1971- May 1, Amtrak is created to nationalize the country’s passenger trains. A miniature trains for sale from the Mini Express can be set up on any flat surface. We provide the conductor and the brightly colored train anywhere in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County, in the state of California. The trains are equipped with top of the line sound systems and each train is 100% electric so there is no gasoline smell or smoke to worry about. For more information about the train sell and booking, please contact us.

You can visit : for more amusement train informations.

videos of train ride:

Birthday train rides is the perfect entertainment


Opening a business is an exciting and stressful experience, but it is also an ideal opportunity to attract potential customers to your business that can provide you with the business you need to succeed. You can buy various rides from Beston.

For a grand opening, a great activity to consider is one for the kids, such as a kiddy train rental, which can provide unique and exciting entertainment for a large group of children.

Maximize Accommodations

To have a successful grand opening, you want to make sure you accommodate as many people as possible. It is important to consider this because you will naturally attract a wider audience by doing so, and by scheduling for a party train rental, you will be attracting those with children.

Provide Parents with Relief

Getting the full attention of adults is important to truly engage them in your new business, but this can be challenging to do when they have their children they have to worry about. Having a party train gives your grand opening a way to provide parents with relief and kids with entertainment, which is also just what your business needs.

Free Outside Advertising

If you have the kids train rides experience happening outside, you could attract additional business when people pass by while walking or driving in their vehicle. With such a unique and colorful train, it will be hard for people not to take a gaze at what is happening outside of your business.

Providing families with entertainment at your grand opening is a smart business decision.

Contact us  if you have any questions about the services we can provide.

Why not throw one big event that honors all the moms you care about together? Of course, a mother wants to have a fun day with her children, and she really wants her children to have fun too, but remember that on Mother’s Day she really doesn’t want to have to personally do all the work of keeping her children entertained.

That’s why a birthday train rides is the perfect entertainment at your Mother’s Day bash. You can rent a colorful, trackless electric train. We will bring it to you, and our professional, trained conductors will run the rides. The kids will all have so much fun getting to ride the train again and again that all the moms in attendance will finally have a chance to relax and enjoy some adult conversation.

You won’t want to forget to bring a camera to take lots of adorable photos of all the amusement trains for sale, because as you know, mom’s love photos of their kids having a blast!



The swing carousel is a basic amusement ride


The swing carousel is a basic amusement ride that uses circular motion and tilting to create an exciting ride.
This ride works by slowly lifting the swings off the ground, while spinning the swings at the same time. As the angular speed grows centrifugal force swings the rider outward. The tilt helps exaggerate the feeling of g-force the rider feels. As the ride begins, it slowly accelerates and lifts off the ground.

Beston, as a professional swing ride manufacturer in China, produce superior wave swinger for sale. This is a medium speed flying swings where riders may experience unexpected changes in elevation and speed. This ride may contain moderate twists, turns, bumps, spins, and loops, and may require some rider body control. It is an attraction that families enjoy riding together. When passengers ride on that, it’s really a fun and relaxing ride experience.
So, get your visit off to a flying start and take to the skies above The Plaza. Just climb aboard this firm family favourite and we’re sure it’ll instantly put you in the mood for the great times that lie ahead. In a sensational diversion of colour, sound and swinging, swooping entertainment, we’re sure you’ll quickly leave all the cares of the outside world well behind.
The amusement park swings is essentially a swing ride (or chair jet) that can make wave motions along with simply spinning. They are known for being ornately decorated among other things.
First you grab a swing, which is like a little basket with a steel bar and a chain to hold it down. The basket seat is really easy to slide in for some reason and while riding I’ve found myself become ‘crotched’ on the chain that fastens the bar…not fun. When in the lowered position, the Wave Swinger’s chairs are really low; you may as well be sitting on the ground. When the ride starts, the whole frame rises up about 6 to 8 feet and begins to rotate clockwise. The frame continues to rise until it rides up the small tilted portion of the support which tilts the frame a bit. Riders usually get some good height on these rides, flying over the crowds in their little basket chair.
Just about every large carnival and every medium to large theme park has a Twister Swing ride; they’re almost a requirement now. Six Flags Great Adventure, Dorney Park, Morey’s Piers, Casino Pier, Busch Gardens Europe, Strates Shows and Amusement’s of America are just some of the past and present Wave Swinger owners that I can think of. If you visit a European funfair, you might even get to ride one that goes backwards!
The Wave Swinger is a spectacular swing ride that was originally imported to North America from Zierer of Germany. The Wave Swinger features beautifully decorated venetian panels and is considered a spectacular ride in the United States. As the ride begins to spin with an oscillating motion, the swings swing outward! Waving on this ride is only for the fearless as you’re spun around on one of our 32 tilted chairs at speeds of up to 14rpm. It is one of the traditional funfair rides, this is still a favourite with thrill-seekers. The planets rotate and you are flying while turning and you are turning while flying.

Video of  swing ride :

Keep Calm on a Roller Coaster and the recommendation

Alabama-Adventure-5-27-2011-Marvel-Mania-2Practice self calming techniques. If you’re terrified to even get on the rollercoaster, calm yourself by breathing slowly and thinking about pleasant things. Tell yourself that it is a fun ride and not something to be afraid of. Tell yourself things that confirm the fun and safety of using the rollercoaster.For example: “It’s not as bad as it looks. They have safety harnesses and the tracks are tested all the time to ensure they’re safe.” “People scream because it’s exciting scary, not bad scary.” “It’s only for a short time. Then I’ll probably want to get back on and have another go because it’s over so quickly!” Praise yourself for getting on. Tell yourself: “Well, I’ve made it now, it’s going to be all right now that I’m on here. Go with someone you trust. This can help a lot to keep you calm and to have reassuring feedback from a person who is used to the rollercoaster or is able to deal with fears better. Be careful not to choose someone as afraid as you. This can turn into a situation where you feed off each other’s fear and make things seem a whole lot worse! Double check your harness, bar or other restraint. Listen for the click or other sound it makes when it shuts. This is a reassurance that you’re safely tucked in. If you don’t feel sure, ask the operator to double check for you. Shut your eyes. This can be a helpful way to get started on the rollercoaster; you blank out all of the sites, movement and what’s ahead of you and allow yourself to just concentrate on sound and feeling instead. Naturally, if it feels worse with your eyes shut, simply open them again. Aim to breathe deeply. This can help you to keep calm and can reduce the possibility of vomiting. Count under your breath if it helps you to keep your breathing steady. Listen for the music. There is often music accompanying the ride. This may help to calm you if you concentrate on listening to the words or tune. Scream. That’s what the ride’s all about anyway! When you scream going down from high drops, it helps to expel the air and helps you to breathe. Raise your hands in the air. It’s fun and it helps steady you. It is also a form of fun distraction from the drops. Talk to your buddies. Talking is a good way to distract yourself during the ride. However, if it’s hard to hear, you might end up yelling rather than talking, so be considerate of other people. Stay at the front. This can help you to feel less scared. It’s not ideal to sit here if you’re looking for more thrills though. Praise yourself at the end. You did it. And you know you can do it again. Overcoming fear is a constant challenge in life and it’s a great thing that you’re practicing this lifelong skill.

More about Keep Calm on a Roller Coaster ,you can visite:


If you are sared about thrill and high roller coaster, which are seeking quicker speed, higher height, you may try the junior or mini roller coaster. (Beston, as a leading medium and small children amusenment rides production industry, provide kids Mini coaster ride for sale).

This kind of coaster for kids is also called indoor roller coaster for kids. It has been widely used in amusement park, shopping mall, outdoor and indoor playground, residential areas and gaming center. With attractive appearance and top quality, this Toddler Roller Coaster is getting more and more popular in the world. This equipment combine the mini roller coaster and traditional electric train. Besides, it can be designed based on the customer’s requests, so we will meet customer’s satisfactions.

Toddler Roller Coaster is a new type of entertainment facility which drives on the interchange track. It consists of different styles and looks so much like mighty fleet of sports cars. Each driver runs at the same time along the track direction of automatic steering. This kid’s coaster is equipped with a modern interchange track, colorful lights and children cartoon paintings. Children have an opportunity to the feeling of flying when the car run though mountains and leaps. It is very thrilling but no sense of panic. This amusement ride is specialized for children between the ages of 3 to 10 years old. Completed with safety belt, your children will be safe to enjoy this amusement ride for about 3 minutes. Together with friends or alone, your children will feel like being on cable car going on the rail track.


How to Plan a funfair ground


A Playground needs to be capacious enough to allowfor teenagers to move, run, explore, and jump at least five feet without injury. Different types of amusement rides will bring different types of enjoyment to the children who use it. Plan for both fully functioning and physically challenged teenagers.
Have a space prepared. You need at least a 20′ x 20′ space. This is to support the normal wave swingerset/monkey bar combo with a slide. To add more funfair rides means you will need more space. To make your ground surface accessible by all kids, plan to utilize a re-purposed rubber surface. If you wish to go more traditional, use either wood chips, sand or pea gravel. Beston provide newest tourist train rides for sale.

Purchase the funfair rides. The type of funfair rides you wish to have on site will be entirely up to you. Some of the more modern offerings and entirely traditional offerings are:
A shade. Now, more than ever, industrial funfair ground builders are becoming creative in the wake of more exposure to the sun. A large shade can be used in place of mature trees, if no trees can be found.
A set of swings. A typical swingset will include at least 1 traditional swing and perhaps an identical one next to it or a modified horse swing where potentially 2 people can sit and push while pulling and make the swing ‘go.’ Alternatively, a baby swing can be placed next to the traditional swing or, more recently, a handicapped swing, with full-buckling ability can be used. An industrial set can include up to four or five wave swingers. You can alter their heights to allow for shorter legs vs. longer legged pre-teens.
Climbing things. Rock walls have become welcome additions to swingsets, allowing teenagers more options. A rock-wall pattern can even be used in a more personal swing set, to allow for teenagers’s climbing up to a slide area.
Towers. A tower area gives rise to the imagination, as well as an appropriate height for both slides and zip lines and dual towers allows for the plank walkways that make those satisfying rumbles as well as a little bounce in your step. teenagers delight in taking turns jumping and forcing a jounce in the other child’s step.
Tire wave swingers for sale. A tire swing is an alternative style swing that allows teenagers to tackle the swinging thing up to three at a time. Spin or sway, its up to the kids.
Slides. Slides can be short or long and they can spiral or go straight or go bump, bump, bump. Slides have come a long way since the 50s and 60s when they were all made out of metal. Now slides can be made out of plastics, just beware of the static electricity build up.
Tunnels. Tunnels are great ways to get a child’s inner energy out and the best thing is, it can go under the wave swingerset or next to it or be used for an obstacle course. Made out of plastic, make sure its covered by shade as these can get really hot in the sun.
Telephone cans. Modern telephone cans are funnels which have sprinkler-type heads. The connecting tubing can be buried below the play set so that two kids can go on opposite sides and whisper secret messages to one another or plan a secret rendezvous.
Ball pits. Each of the next following items can be really fun, but they also come with their own warnings. Ball pits are great fun and the pleasure of sinking into a pit filled with semi-soft objects that can be thrown at others can be entirely enjoyable. However, a warning would be that for younger kids the temptation to go wee-wee while not being seen is a little tempting and spiders enjoy the shaded areas that the balls en-masse present.
Sand Pits. The hours that can be spent digging, creating a castle and destroying it afterward can feel rewarding. Watch out for kitties and other critters of the night which can perceive this as a litterbox. Also, some spiders actually enjoy burrowing in the sand as a good cool place to be.
Water Play. A water fountain or a shooting spout can be the best of summertime enjoyment. Be sure to have a way to turn it off for winter and non-use times. If it is to be for public use, post the times the play park will be active and stick to that schedule. Try and have anti-microbial rubber matting or cement with more texture to allow for children running and playing in the water. If you choose to have it move, to prevent standing water where insects can breed, then have jets at appropriate intervals to ‘move the water.’
Even with a small wooden structure, kids have amazing imaginations. Craft a 6′ x 6′ box out of 4x4s or 2x4s and then cut a tunnel out of opposite sides. On the non-cut sides, affix wheels, a chalkboard, or other ideas which will allow them to use that natural bi-product of childhood.
Always plan ahead for injury. Keep a small first aid box nearby.
If you are planning a public use park, money for insurance must be secured before hand as well as permissions by the local government.

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Where can you buy pendulum rides?

HTB1SiXZHpXXXXaPXXXXq6xXFXXXLPendulum amusement rides are becoming increasingly popular those years both in theme parks and fairground.It is very excited and can make people happy! When it comes to pendulm ride, pirate ship rides and big pendulum rides will first come into your mind.
Pendulum rides are a little like the swing sets you might remember from your childhood. Swings give you a feeling of flying in a controlled manner. You pump your legs to provide enough force to increase the height of the swing’s arc, and enjoy the increased velocity of the downward swing. When you stop pumping, the swing gradually slows and then stops.
Feelings of weightlessness are not due to a decrease in forces of gravitation; people do not feel forces of gravity. What you feel is the force of a seat (or other external object) pushing on your body with a force to counteract gravity’s downward pull. A 180-pound person at rest in his office chair experiences the seat pushing upwards on his body with a force of 180 pounds. Yet at the top of a pendulum ride, the same 180-pound person will feel less than this normal sensation of weight. At the very top of the pendulum ride, riders begin to fall out of their seats. Since a 180-pound person is no longer in full contact with his seat, the seat is no longer pushing on him with 180 pounds of force. Thus, the rider has a sensation of weighing less than his normal weight.
Next I will introduce some typical pendulum rides:
Hot Selling Theme Park Disk’O Ride for sale
Flying UFO rides, also called Flying Disco, or Magic bowl ride, and is a new disco coaster amusement ride, mostly appreciated by the younger all over the disk'o4world. Flying UFO ride consists of a giant UFO turntable and sliding Track. The UFO rotates from slow to very fast speed on clockwise or anticlockwise, sliding from the bottom to the higher point on the single track when it works. The sudden rising and falling, ups and downs with countless changes, fast and slow, accompanied by strong, powerful interactions brings the passengers the most magically thrilling feelings. The flying UFO ride is the most thrill rides and stimulate projects in amusement park, theme parks, playground or even carnivals. If you want to feel the sense that you can’t control your body and mind, just try once and you will deeply fall in love with this magic ride. It is suit for the big amusement parks, theme parks, outdoor playgrounds, carnivals.
Giant frisbee ride/spinning pendulum ride for sale
Big Pendulum ride/ giant frisbee ride is one of the most thrill and popular rides in the amusement park. Pendulum is made of super thicker Steel and Fiber Reinforce Plastic, decorated with thousands of colorful LED lamps and comprehensive music device, assembled with automatic shoulder restraint and restraining belt for chairs. All of these make our pendulum totally attractive, thrill and safety.

Our Pendulum rides is upper transmission, it means the motor is on the top of this rides. This kind of  transmission method make our Pendulum swing with larger angle ( ± 115 ° ) and speed, so that passengers will have more exciting experience. When the Pendulum work, passenger will not only swing, but also rotate with gradually-increasing speed and angle. So you will experience more and more thrill process.

More details, you can visit:

Popular self-contral rides you can use in your amusement parks


The Hurricane is an amusement ride first manufactured by the Allan Herschell Company. The Hurricane was first created in the 1940s, and was later built by Mulligan as the Saturn 6. The modern versions of the Hurricane were produced by a series of related companies, including Hrubetz, Man-Co, Killinski, and Dartron Industries. Hurricanes have been licensed for production in countries other than the United States, although the number of non-U.S. constructed rides is limited.

The Hurricane is nowadays almost exclusively a traveling ride; few if any examples are present in amusement parks as standing attractions. However, several parks have operated the ride in the past. Now days, there are some new renovations derive from hurricane rides, which is vividly in shaps and having the super factions with more excitment for passengers. Next I will introduce you some popular ones:

self control plane rides
飞羊飞熊自控飞机1Our hot selling amusement rides for sale self-control plane are 6 cabins, 8 cabins and 10 cabins, we also can customize 4 cabins and 12 cabins self-control plane as your request. The device has eight aircrafts; each aircraft has two rows of seats. Eight planes circle around the rocket in the middle. Passengers can Press the action button at any time according to their wishes to make the plane up, down or stop. Exactly like the aircraft flying in the sky. It brings endless joy to passengers.
In our self-control plane, there have more than one thousand LED lights, make it most attraction and shinning on the night, it’s a kind of amusement that most popular in children, there’s interesting music and flying like a cradle makes children happy, bring much laugh for players. This hot sale self-control plane ride is widely used in theme park, amusement park, playground, adventure land and children’s park, etc. Well suited for attractive decoration and theming ideas, Designed and built in accordance with CE, ISO approved. Fly in the sky like a bird, feel the freedom and happiness. So play with your family and enjoy your life!

Samba Balloon ride
Samba Balloon rides for sale in Beston is one kind of perfect family amusement equipment. It is a perfect family attraction. Brightly outfitted with colorful spinning tubs and flashing lights on the balloons, sweeps and centerpiece, the Samba Balloons’ eight hot-air balloons can accommodate adults and children. It’s integrated by colorful hot balloon and pretty nacelle. It’s not only operated through up and down, revolve and rotate, but also passenger can rotate the nacelle, which add more participation and interesting. Suit for parks, outdoor and indoor playground etc.
The samba balloon can dance, in fact, it is the mini swing rotating parachute. Enthusiastic South America, is the place of origin. Each cockpit can be seated 4 persons, the passengers can control the central turntable to control the rotation of the cockpit. The samba balloon we made are use steel frame, colorful LED lamps and anti-rust steel fence. It also have a ticker room.

The Octopus ride
旋转大章鱼4The Octopus is a type of amusement ride in the shape of an octopus. Five to eight arms attached to a central axis spin and move up and down in random, while cars at the end of the arms spin on rotary bolts. Each Octopus ride has the arms attached the middle of the ride. The middle of the ride will move somehow (Octopus head, Spider cylinder object, and so on). Most octopus rides require guests to be at least 42 inches to ride without an adult; smaller children must have an adult with them. Every chair can sit two persons, after sitting, like a duck to water, playing wave exult, and flying in the sky. The speed can be adjusted at any time. It is popular with kids and adults and suit for theme park, shopping mall, garden, backyard, amusement park playground, tourist attraction and so on.

We have professional design and many years’ experience. Material is environmental, erosion-resisting and highly stable. It is exciting, funny and safe. It is quite suitable to kids.

Techno Jump/Jump and Smile
Techno Jump, also called Jump and Smile ride, is a unique amusement ride as fun to watch as it is to ride. This ride is a high capacity thrilling attraction, produced and improved by the combined efforts.Techno Jump ride is completely attractive by heavy jump and rotation movement. It is composed of a rotating center and 12 lifting arms functioning with air cylinder. Thanks to a special pneumatic system, the ride will rotate, ups and downs around the center by the controlled process, forming a wave pattern in various rolling ways and bringing the passengers intense stimulating bounce experience in air.

eBeston provide high quality Jump and Smile rides for sale. The rides are made of fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP), equipped with gorgeous lighting, great music, on-fading and durable painting and other advanced electrical accessories. The whole design in updated model and wonderful music can bring about maximum thrill and exciting joy to participants, they’re very suitable for amusement parks, indoor/outdoor playgrounds, shopping mall, and fairground for carnival season etc. All of our equipment can be customized surely, not only in different color but also various models. Amusement jumping machine adopt to the most advanced PLC display technology, combine high-speed rotation with high-frequency jumping together, and brings players endless unforgettable thrill, scream and madness. During working, the cockpits will jump like wave or up and down together. At the same time, it rotates clockwise and anticlockwise, different PLC process will give you different surprising experience.

More self-contral rides you can visit:


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