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How to Plan a funfair ground


A Playground needs to be capacious enough to allowfor teenagers to move, run, explore, and jump at least five feet without injury. Different types of amusement rides will bring different types of enjoyment to the children who use it. Plan for both fully functioning and physically challenged teenagers.
Have a space prepared. You need at least a 20′ x 20′ space. This is to support the normal wave swingerset/monkey bar combo with a slide. To add more funfair rides means you will need more space. To make your ground surface accessible by all kids, plan to utilize a re-purposed rubber surface. If you wish to go more traditional, use either wood chips, sand or pea gravel. Beston provide newest tourist train rides for sale.

Purchase the funfair rides. The type of funfair rides you wish to have on site will be entirely up to you. Some of the more modern offerings and entirely traditional offerings are:
A shade. Now, more than ever, industrial funfair ground builders are becoming creative in the wake of more exposure to the sun. A large shade can be used in place of mature trees, if no trees can be found.
A set of swings. A typical swingset will include at least 1 traditional swing and perhaps an identical one next to it or a modified horse swing where potentially 2 people can sit and push while pulling and make the swing ‘go.’ Alternatively, a baby swing can be placed next to the traditional swing or, more recently, a handicapped swing, with full-buckling ability can be used. An industrial set can include up to four or five wave swingers. You can alter their heights to allow for shorter legs vs. longer legged pre-teens.
Climbing things. Rock walls have become welcome additions to swingsets, allowing teenagers more options. A rock-wall pattern can even be used in a more personal swing set, to allow for teenagers’s climbing up to a slide area.
Towers. A tower area gives rise to the imagination, as well as an appropriate height for both slides and zip lines and dual towers allows for the plank walkways that make those satisfying rumbles as well as a little bounce in your step. teenagers delight in taking turns jumping and forcing a jounce in the other child’s step.
Tire wave swingers for sale. A tire swing is an alternative style swing that allows teenagers to tackle the swinging thing up to three at a time. Spin or sway, its up to the kids.
Slides. Slides can be short or long and they can spiral or go straight or go bump, bump, bump. Slides have come a long way since the 50s and 60s when they were all made out of metal. Now slides can be made out of plastics, just beware of the static electricity build up.
Tunnels. Tunnels are great ways to get a child’s inner energy out and the best thing is, it can go under the wave swingerset or next to it or be used for an obstacle course. Made out of plastic, make sure its covered by shade as these can get really hot in the sun.
Telephone cans. Modern telephone cans are funnels which have sprinkler-type heads. The connecting tubing can be buried below the play set so that two kids can go on opposite sides and whisper secret messages to one another or plan a secret rendezvous.
Ball pits. Each of the next following items can be really fun, but they also come with their own warnings. Ball pits are great fun and the pleasure of sinking into a pit filled with semi-soft objects that can be thrown at others can be entirely enjoyable. However, a warning would be that for younger kids the temptation to go wee-wee while not being seen is a little tempting and spiders enjoy the shaded areas that the balls en-masse present.
Sand Pits. The hours that can be spent digging, creating a castle and destroying it afterward can feel rewarding. Watch out for kitties and other critters of the night which can perceive this as a litterbox. Also, some spiders actually enjoy burrowing in the sand as a good cool place to be.
Water Play. A water fountain or a shooting spout can be the best of summertime enjoyment. Be sure to have a way to turn it off for winter and non-use times. If it is to be for public use, post the times the play park will be active and stick to that schedule. Try and have anti-microbial rubber matting or cement with more texture to allow for children running and playing in the water. If you choose to have it move, to prevent standing water where insects can breed, then have jets at appropriate intervals to ‘move the water.’
Even with a small wooden structure, kids have amazing imaginations. Craft a 6′ x 6′ box out of 4x4s or 2x4s and then cut a tunnel out of opposite sides. On the non-cut sides, affix wheels, a chalkboard, or other ideas which will allow them to use that natural bi-product of childhood.
Always plan ahead for injury. Keep a small first aid box nearby.
If you are planning a public use park, money for insurance must be secured before hand as well as permissions by the local government.

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Where can you buy pendulum rides?

HTB1SiXZHpXXXXaPXXXXq6xXFXXXLPendulum amusement rides are becoming increasingly popular those years both in theme parks and fairground.It is very excited and can make people happy! When it comes to pendulm ride, pirate ship rides and big pendulum rides will first come into your mind.
Pendulum rides are a little like the swing sets you might remember from your childhood. Swings give you a feeling of flying in a controlled manner. You pump your legs to provide enough force to increase the height of the swing’s arc, and enjoy the increased velocity of the downward swing. When you stop pumping, the swing gradually slows and then stops.
Feelings of weightlessness are not due to a decrease in forces of gravitation; people do not feel forces of gravity. What you feel is the force of a seat (or other external object) pushing on your body with a force to counteract gravity’s downward pull. A 180-pound person at rest in his office chair experiences the seat pushing upwards on his body with a force of 180 pounds. Yet at the top of a pendulum ride, the same 180-pound person will feel less than this normal sensation of weight. At the very top of the pendulum ride, riders begin to fall out of their seats. Since a 180-pound person is no longer in full contact with his seat, the seat is no longer pushing on him with 180 pounds of force. Thus, the rider has a sensation of weighing less than his normal weight.
Next I will introduce some typical pendulum rides:
Hot Selling Theme Park Disk’O Ride for sale
Flying UFO rides, also called Flying Disco, or Magic bowl ride, and is a new disco coaster amusement ride, mostly appreciated by the younger all over the disk'o4world. Flying UFO ride consists of a giant UFO turntable and sliding Track. The UFO rotates from slow to very fast speed on clockwise or anticlockwise, sliding from the bottom to the higher point on the single track when it works. The sudden rising and falling, ups and downs with countless changes, fast and slow, accompanied by strong, powerful interactions brings the passengers the most magically thrilling feelings. The flying UFO ride is the most thrill rides and stimulate projects in amusement park, theme parks, playground or even carnivals. If you want to feel the sense that you can’t control your body and mind, just try once and you will deeply fall in love with this magic ride. It is suit for the big amusement parks, theme parks, outdoor playgrounds, carnivals.
Giant frisbee ride/spinning pendulum ride for sale
Big Pendulum ride/ giant frisbee ride is one of the most thrill and popular rides in the amusement park. Pendulum is made of super thicker Steel and Fiber Reinforce Plastic, decorated with thousands of colorful LED lamps and comprehensive music device, assembled with automatic shoulder restraint and restraining belt for chairs. All of these make our pendulum totally attractive, thrill and safety.

Our Pendulum rides is upper transmission, it means the motor is on the top of this rides. This kind of  transmission method make our Pendulum swing with larger angle ( ± 115 ° ) and speed, so that passengers will have more exciting experience. When the Pendulum work, passenger will not only swing, but also rotate with gradually-increasing speed and angle. So you will experience more and more thrill process.

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Popular self-contral rides you can use in your amusement parks


The Hurricane is an amusement ride first manufactured by the Allan Herschell Company. The Hurricane was first created in the 1940s, and was later built by Mulligan as the Saturn 6. The modern versions of the Hurricane were produced by a series of related companies, including Hrubetz, Man-Co, Killinski, and Dartron Industries. Hurricanes have been licensed for production in countries other than the United States, although the number of non-U.S. constructed rides is limited.

The Hurricane is nowadays almost exclusively a traveling ride; few if any examples are present in amusement parks as standing attractions. However, several parks have operated the ride in the past. Now days, there are some new renovations derive from hurricane rides, which is vividly in shaps and having the super factions with more excitment for passengers. Next I will introduce you some popular ones:

self control plane rides
飞羊飞熊自控飞机1Our hot selling amusement rides for sale self-control plane are 6 cabins, 8 cabins and 10 cabins, we also can customize 4 cabins and 12 cabins self-control plane as your request. The device has eight aircrafts; each aircraft has two rows of seats. Eight planes circle around the rocket in the middle. Passengers can Press the action button at any time according to their wishes to make the plane up, down or stop. Exactly like the aircraft flying in the sky. It brings endless joy to passengers.
In our self-control plane, there have more than one thousand LED lights, make it most attraction and shinning on the night, it’s a kind of amusement that most popular in children, there’s interesting music and flying like a cradle makes children happy, bring much laugh for players. This hot sale self-control plane ride is widely used in theme park, amusement park, playground, adventure land and children’s park, etc. Well suited for attractive decoration and theming ideas, Designed and built in accordance with CE, ISO approved. Fly in the sky like a bird, feel the freedom and happiness. So play with your family and enjoy your life!

Samba Balloon ride
Samba Balloon rides for sale in Beston is one kind of perfect family amusement equipment. It is a perfect family attraction. Brightly outfitted with colorful spinning tubs and flashing lights on the balloons, sweeps and centerpiece, the Samba Balloons’ eight hot-air balloons can accommodate adults and children. It’s integrated by colorful hot balloon and pretty nacelle. It’s not only operated through up and down, revolve and rotate, but also passenger can rotate the nacelle, which add more participation and interesting. Suit for parks, outdoor and indoor playground etc.
The samba balloon can dance, in fact, it is the mini swing rotating parachute. Enthusiastic South America, is the place of origin. Each cockpit can be seated 4 persons, the passengers can control the central turntable to control the rotation of the cockpit. The samba balloon we made are use steel frame, colorful LED lamps and anti-rust steel fence. It also have a ticker room.

The Octopus ride
旋转大章鱼4The Octopus is a type of amusement ride in the shape of an octopus. Five to eight arms attached to a central axis spin and move up and down in random, while cars at the end of the arms spin on rotary bolts. Each Octopus ride has the arms attached the middle of the ride. The middle of the ride will move somehow (Octopus head, Spider cylinder object, and so on). Most octopus rides require guests to be at least 42 inches to ride without an adult; smaller children must have an adult with them. Every chair can sit two persons, after sitting, like a duck to water, playing wave exult, and flying in the sky. The speed can be adjusted at any time. It is popular with kids and adults and suit for theme park, shopping mall, garden, backyard, amusement park playground, tourist attraction and so on.

We have professional design and many years’ experience. Material is environmental, erosion-resisting and highly stable. It is exciting, funny and safe. It is quite suitable to kids.

Techno Jump/Jump and Smile
Techno Jump, also called Jump and Smile ride, is a unique amusement ride as fun to watch as it is to ride. This ride is a high capacity thrilling attraction, produced and improved by the combined efforts.Techno Jump ride is completely attractive by heavy jump and rotation movement. It is composed of a rotating center and 12 lifting arms functioning with air cylinder. Thanks to a special pneumatic system, the ride will rotate, ups and downs around the center by the controlled process, forming a wave pattern in various rolling ways and bringing the passengers intense stimulating bounce experience in air.

eBeston provide high quality Jump and Smile rides for sale. The rides are made of fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP), equipped with gorgeous lighting, great music, on-fading and durable painting and other advanced electrical accessories. The whole design in updated model and wonderful music can bring about maximum thrill and exciting joy to participants, they’re very suitable for amusement parks, indoor/outdoor playgrounds, shopping mall, and fairground for carnival season etc. All of our equipment can be customized surely, not only in different color but also various models. Amusement jumping machine adopt to the most advanced PLC display technology, combine high-speed rotation with high-frequency jumping together, and brings players endless unforgettable thrill, scream and madness. During working, the cockpits will jump like wave or up and down together. At the same time, it rotates clockwise and anticlockwise, different PLC process will give you different surprising experience.

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8 Electrifying Amusement Parks

We’re not talking theme parks where a giant mouse or killer whale reigns supreme. We’re talking about parks with thrilling roller coasters that make us shriek, scream and sometimes even cry when we’re done loop-de-looping and plummeting 100 stories at breakneck speeds. Got thrill-seeking kids? These parks won’t disappoint!
Climbing car is a new type of entertainment facility which drives on the interchange track.It consists of different styles and looks so much like mighty fleet of sports cars. Each driver runs at the same time along the track direction of automatic steering. This children climbing car  is equipped with a modern interchange track , colorful lights and children cartoon paintings. children have an opportunity to the feeling of flying when the car run though mountains and leaps. It is very thrilling but no sense of panic. It is very popular with children. The equipment is suited to some circumstances like large playground,parks, gaming center and so on. This amusement ride is specialized for children between the ages of 3 to 10 years old. Completed with safety belt, your children will be safe to enjoy this amusement ride for about 3 minutes. Together with friends or alone, your children will feel like being on cable car going on the rail track. Beston provide trackless train for sale.

1. Busch Gardens at Tampa Bay, Florida & Williamsburg, Virginia
Whether you visit the Florida or Virginia locations, you won’t be disappointed. In Tampa, seven super fast, super high and super curvy coasters are available for the choosing, as well as a few junior coasters for budding thrill-seekers. Visitors also rave about the park’s breathtaking water rides. In Virginia, five coasters will hurl you through the park, including the 205-foot diving Griffon.

Nearby Hotels: Intercontinental Hotel Tampa or Great Wolf Lodge Williamsburg

2. Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio
One of the largest amusement parks in the world based on its number of rides and roller coasters — 75 rides and 17 coasters — visitors will twist, turn, drop, plunge, loop, swing and race to their rushing hearts’ content. Try Maverick with a 400-foot-long tunnel; the 40-story-high Top Thrill Dragster with a 420-foot-tall tower; or the consistently top-ranked steel Millennium Force. Flying UFO rides, also called Flying Disco, or Magic bowl ride, and is a new disco coaster amusement ride, mostly appreciated by the younger all over the world. Flying UFO ride consists of a giant UFO turntable and sliding Track. The UFO rotates from slow to very fast speed on clockwise or anticlockwise, sliding from the bottom to the higher point on the single track when it works. The sudden rising and falling, ups and downs with countless changes, fast and slow, accompanied by strong, powerful interactions brings the passengers the most magically thrilling feelings. The flying UFO ride is the most thrill rides and stimulate projects in amusement park, theme parks, playground or even carnivals. If you want to feel the sense that you can’t control your body and mind, just try once and you will deeply fall in love with this magic ride. It is suit for the big amusement parks, theme parks, outdoor playgrounds, carnivals.

Nearby Hotel: Castaway Bay Resort

3. Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York
Just a train ride from New York City, Coney Island is one of the country’s oldest amusement parks, and is as crucial as visiting Wrigley Field or the Empire State Building. Coney Island’s famed coaster is the Cyclone, an old-fashioned wooden coaster that will take you for a spin, again and again and again. The Cyclone has been producing screams since 1927.

Nearby Hotel: New York Marriott Marquis

4. The Boardwalk at Hersheypark, Hershey, Pennsylvania
While Hershey is technically a theme park with attractions centered around Hershey Chocolate and its candy factory tour, it’s still unique enough to fall into our category of amusement parks, as it features seven aggressive thrill rides, as well as four other levels of coaster rides. The Sooperdooperlooper holds the title as the first looping coaster on the East Coast, and the park is friendly to height-challenged youngsters who are tired of being turned away from rides. Water rides, family rides and kiddie rides make Hersheypark an exciting park for all ages.

Nearby Hotel: Hotel Hershey

5. Islands of Adventure at Universal, Orlando, Florida
Even before Harry Potter and his wizarding world descended upon Universal’s Islands of Adventure, this park has been a hit with the ‘tween and teen crowd too bored with the “kiddie” rides at the other Orlando theme parks (in their words, not ours!). Feel the Hulk’s rage as you speed from 0 to 40 mph in two seconds on the Incredible Hulk Coaster. Dog another coaster as you wind around in the Dragon Challenge, or get over your fear of heights in Doctor Doom’s Fearfall (well, maybe not). While the scream-inducing rides are here, so are the more family- and tot-friendly rides, so all ages can enjoy a day at the park.

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6. Kings Island, Mason, Ohio
I remember driving from Illinois to Ohio as a roller-coaster-loving ‘tween to ride its famed Beast, the world’s longest wooden roller coaster (7,400 feet!), which spreads across 35 wooded acres. Beast footprints led the way to the coaster, and I was nothing but excited. This was also the first park where I road a looping roller coaster while my legs dangled beneath me over the towering trees. The park continues to intoxicate thrill seekers with inversions, suspensions, catapults, high speeds and dizzying heights, such as Xtreme Skyflyer, where you’ll hang glide from 153 feet at 60 miles per hour.

Nearby Hotel: La Quinta Inn & Suites Cincinnati Sharonville

7. Knott’s Berry Farm, Buena Park, California
With Snoopy serving as the face of Knott’s Berry Farm, you may be under the impression that this amusement park is for younger kids. Sure, the little ones are surrounded by a host of cartoon characters and rides specifically targeted toward them, but don’t let it fool you: Thrills abound at America’s first theme park. (The park opened just outside Los Angeles in 1920.) You’ll flip your lid on Rip Tide, where at 59 feet into the air, you’ll be turned head over heels. The Scream Swing brings kids to unfathomable heights in its enormous 70-foot swing, and Supreme Scream drops you 254 feet (while you’re strapped in, of course)! 

Nearby Hotel: Anaheim Crowne Plaza Resort

8. Six Flags, Nationwide
No matter where you live, a jaunt on the fear-inspiring roller coasters of a Six Flags park is easy to come by.California, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland,Massachusetts, Missouri, New Jersey, New York or Texas — pick your poison. Time and again, rankings of America’s best roller coasters turn up results at the Six Flags Great Adventure (New Jersey), Six Flags Great America (Chicago) and Six Flags New England (Massachusetts), so if you can trek to one of these parks, you’ll encounter some of the fastest and highest coaster rides.

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Theme parks engage visitors through interactive technology


It’s no longer enough to entertain theme-park guests. You’ve got to make them part of the action.

Interactive elements are becoming increasingly common and more sophisticated at theme parks rides for sale or playing. Visitors can use wands to light up hats and chandeliers, play high-tech games, and have conversations with animatronic creatures.

“We wanted the guest to feel like as a wizard, you get a wand; it’s a responsibility and you have to know how to do the spells,” Coup said. “We built that into the system so … yes, there’s room for error.”

Walt Disney World, meanwhile, has recently introduced its own high-tech wands. They are part of a merchandise line of ear hats that glow and change colors in time with music at shows such as Fantasmic! The new wands, which cost $25, can switch colors on other people’s hats.

Like Universal, Disney has gradually added interactive elements through its parks.

Toy Story rides essentially put guests in life-sized video games by allowing them to shoot at targets. Disney has also introduced games such as “Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom,” in which players use cards to activate special effects on portals. Last year, Disney added a similar pirate-themed interactive game at the Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland. On the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride, people standing in line can sort gemstones on a video screen or create projections on the ceiling.

Smaller regional parks that have a lot of local visitors can also benefit — even more so than the big players such as Disney, said Bill Bunting, director of business development at Oceaneering Entertainment Systems in Orlando. “That fun interactive ride where I can score points and beat my friends tends to drive (repeat) visits,” Bunting said. Interactivity can also help theme parks that don’t have big intellectual properties such as Harry Potter to rely on compete, he said.

At last month’s International Association of hot selling Amusement Parks and Attractions conference in Orlando, interactive technology on display included an animatronic head controlled remotely by hand motions. The companies that displayed it, Animax Designs and Weigl Works, said such technology can give animatronics a wide range of facial expressions to react to people around them. “The one thing that has yet to adapt or evolve on a large scale is animatronics,” said Mike Blasko, co-founder and director of technology for Weigl Works. “We feel that we’re taking some very revolutionary steps.”

Last year, Mickey Mouse began talking to visitors at Disney World, greeting them with phrases such as “Well, hi there,” and, “Could I sign that for you?”

Back in Diagon Alley, some of the animatronic creatures can talk back to theme park guests too. The goblins at the money exchange will give you responses that are entertaining, though they can seem a little canned. But you can have a pretty decent conversation with a small shrunken head in the Knight Bus.

Coup said the details are proprietary but there’s a “pretty complicated” network of technology that make these conversations happen.

“We use systems that are extremely sophisticated — way beyond the simple camera and remote. There’s recognition systems, all kinds of things that are combined together.”

One of the fun parts of Coup’s job is watching the reactions of visitors as they as they make the magic happen. “You see the amazement … and the smiles,” Coup said. “You know the guests are really feeling like they are creating the magic, they are part of this world.” World’s Newest Amusement Park Ride Combines Technology With Storytelling . Dynamic Attractions invents a new category of rides for thrill-seekers

An innovative ride that can drop vertically, see-saw up and down and slide sideways is being unveiled today by Dynamic Attractions at the Asian Attractions Expo in Beijing, China. The SFX Coaster™ features 4 engineering advances that have never been together on a ride. But the attraction’s biggest innovation is that these elements are perfectly synchronized with highly advanced media. “Thrill-seekers want more than just a train on a track,” states Peter Schnabel, Dynamic Attractions President, referring to traditional roller coasters. “We’ve combined spectacular storytelling and eye-popping special effects with the most technically advanced ride. This has the amusement industry’s top draws, dark rides and roller coasters, in one unbelievable experience. It is the first of its kind in an entirely new category of rides.”


Flying UFO rides, also called Flying Disco for sale , or Magic bowl ride, and is a new disco coaster amusement ride, mostly appreciated by the younger all over the world. Flying UFO ride consists of a giant UFO turntable and sliding Track. The UFO rotates from slow to very fast speed on clockwise or anticlockwise, sliding from the bottom to the higher point on the single track when it works. The sudden rising and falling, ups and downs with countless changes, fast and slow, accompanied by strong, powerful interactions brings the passengers the most magically thrilling feelings. The flying UFO ride is the most thrill rides and stimulate projects in amusement park, theme parks, playground or even carnivals. If you want to feel the sense that you can’t control your body and mind, just try once and you will deeply fall in love with this magic ride. It is suit for the big amusement parks, theme parks, outdoor playgrounds, carnivals.

Years of research and development have gone into creating the new attraction. The company brought together leading structural engineers, award winning film makers and technicians. “It was unusual to have these dramatically different disciplines together in the same room,” explains Schnabel. “But we found that their ideas challenged each other. The results are innovations that are year’s ahead of the industry.” The world’s first SFX Coaster™ is currently being built; the site will be announced by a high-profile amusement park later this year. About Dynamic Attractions Many of the most popular rides at the world’s largest amusement parks have been engineered, fabricated and/or built by Dynamic Attractions and its sister company, Dynamic Structures. In addition to working with theme parks to develop rides, Dynamic Attractions provides a line of five rides, from family-style to thrillers.

The future of theme parks: The ultimate scary ride

  • With record-breaking rollercoasters and shark themed hotel rooms, the search for the ultimate theme park travel experience may have just hit peak thrill.

futuroscope-the-8th-contineThere is, surely, a limit to just how fast and how frightening a rollercoaster can get. But a few 2014 openings are out to prove that we haven’t got there just yet.

April saw the inauguration of the Banshee at King’s Island, in Ohio. It’s the world’s longest inverted steel coaster, over one kilometre of adrenalin rush with seven inversions, including a zero-gravity roll, dive loop, and batwing inversions. It lasts just under two minutes and hits almost 70 mph along the way.

That’s fast. But not as fast as Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom, expected to open in June at Six Flags Great Adventure, in New Jersey.

Developments are a bit more old-school at Six Flags Great America, north of Chicago. This month sees the opening of Goliath, the world’s tallest, steepest, and fastest wooden rollercoaster. If that makes Goliath sound like a vintage throwback, you need to read the ride data: there’s a 55m drop at a near-vertical angle of 85 degrees, a 180-degree twisting zero-G roll, and a top speed during the ride of 72 mph, all on a coaster made from chopped up bits of tree.

Theme park season 2014 also kicked off with a major opening in Sweden. Liseberg Amusement Park invested €23 million in Europe’s longest coaster with inversions, named Helix. After a 2,000 horse-power launch, Helix propels riders through 7 inversions, reaching a maximum speed of 62 mph.

The ride relies on linear synchronous motors (or LSMs). These use electromagnetism to accelerate and brake the carriages very rapidly.

“Apart from the wind in our face, the body does not feel speed, only acceleration—and, of course, changes in acceleration,” explains Ann-Marie Pendrill, professor of physics at the University of Gothenburg.futuroscope-sea-monsters-im

Professor Pendrill studies the physics of theme park rides, and has tested Helix by taking readings via a sensor placed on an empty seat.

According to her measurements, riders will experience G-forces of close to 5G in the dips after the inverted top-hat and airtime hump close to the ride’s end. Thrill-ride safety standards permit a maximum of 6G, for only very brief periods, according to Professor Pendrill.

Maybe Helix, like 2014’s other major openings, is beginning to push at the limits of what is possible in a thrill ride.

Even closer to home, this year’s big news at Thorpe Park, outside London, isn’t a coaster at all, but a hotel. The first 30 rooms at the marine-themed Thorpe Shark Hotel opened last month.

Hotel guests get a 15-minute head start in the park before anyone else can get through the gates. When the remaining hotel rooms are fully open from August, you’ll be able to see The Swarm right from your bedroom window.

Whether a view of Britain’s first winged rollercoaster, towering 40m over a post-apocalyptic landscape complete with broken plane fuselage and futuristic-anarchist graffiti, is conducive to sweet dreams, is up to you.

What do you think our future theme parks around the world will look like?

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Amusement Park Business investigation:Before you start


Because successful amusement parks across the globe attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each year and generate millions of dollars in revenue, starting an amusement park can be a lucrative business opportunity for an entrepreneur with substantial experience in the amusement park business. However, understanding how to start an amusement park starts by acquiring an in-depth knowledge of how planning, capital and project management must all work together to create a comprehensive business plan. The following steps will give you a basic outline of what you need to do to start an amusement park.Family Entertainment is a highly profitable industry that has been growing rapidly over the past several years. This is due largely to a trend within the country of a return to family values. Families are spending more time together and are looking for alternative recreational activities to participate in together. In light of recent events and perceived dangers of travel, families are looking more and more in their own areas for these recreational activities.

People are not just interested in buying things. They want an experience, adding that the keys to providing successful experiences are authenticity, fun and participation. Americans have money to spend and will spend it on entertaining themselves. In fact, statistics show that people in the United States spend more on entertainment than on health care or clothing.

The feasibility study is the first step in the development process, and should be conducted before preparing an amusement park business plan. Leisure Business Advisors LLC (LBA) specializes in conducting this study, which is typically required by financing institutions and investors. The study provides market and financial analysis and projections that will be used in the developer’s business plan.

The study also provides critical physical planning recommendations for the business plan. It is critical that design plans are in line with market needs and expected cash flow. These planning guidelines need to be in place before the construction and building can start. Designers, planners, and managers can all benefit from the guidance provided in the study.

The activities available at Beston amusement park ride manufacturers will center on a world class, natural looking miniature golf course, a family go-kart track, batting cages and a bumper boat pond. The Family Entertainment Center (FEC) is being designed and built by the leading firm in the U.S., Premier Amusement Developers, LLC. Beston will be responsible for all aspects of construction management and will coordinate the efforts of all subcontractors. The facility will be ready by BestonX.
merry go round for sale is a full-family activity. It is great for parents with small children, is one of the few activities that teens find acceptable to do with their parents as well as peers and dates, and is a great outdoor activity for seniors. Once the course is built, all that is required is routine maintenance to keep it clean and fresh looking. There is virtually no loss of material goods with this business, except for the scorecards.

Go-karts are a fast thrill that promote people to want to ride over and over again. A family can enjoy the go-karts with two-seater karts which enable smaller kids to ride the karts with their parents. A well designed and built track is the ground work for a successful track.

Batting cages brings in the baseball and softball teams as well as the curious individuals that wonders if he or she can still hit the fastball. Cages are great for early in the spring when baseball is just starting and will enable us to open the season early.

Everyone loves water and bumper boats are the way to cool down on that hot day or night. The electric boats today are very efficient and minimize pond cleaning.

A mix of additional activities such as batting cages, teacup ride, rock wall climbing, and remote control boats are being considered to fill out the offerings at BestonX. Any or all of these may be developed as the business matures.

In addition, an assortment of snacks will be available at the clubhouse. Soft drinks and light snacks such as hot dogs, chips and cookies will provide easy additional revenue. We are not currently proposing a full-service food operation.

550x318x9e1a6cbce2e7429d84a8906351695d3f.png.pagespeed.ic.rlLe9wBSLPThe marketing of the business will be done via print media, onsite promotions, a website and a variety of promotional programs aimed at pulling in repeat and special event business. The FEC itself is designed for that goal. Premier has many years of experience in designing and building miniature golf courses, batting cages, go-kart tracks and bumper boats and will be a valuable asset to getting our business started. The location of BestonX is a key factor. Located on BestonX, just off of Interstate XX, the site is heavily traveled and has several other businesses within a few miles that will provide great synergies. In addition, the population base of the surrounding communities is ideal for such an operation. Almost BestonX people live within a 15-minute drive from the site, and almost BestonX of them are within 10 minutes. The population is largely middle class families.

Hire a firm that specializes in leisure business planning and have them draw up a feasibility study, a business plan, and a detailed design of your amusement park. Starting an amusement park requires a significant investment and a lot of planning, so make sure to get expert advice every step of the way.

  • The feasibility study analyzes whether there’s a market for an amusement park in your area and which theme is expected to generate the most revenue. By outlining the potential costs and revenue of starting an amusement park, the feasibility study justifies any investment made and will form a key part of your business plan.
  • Your business plan outlines the necessary investment and projected income, as well as the type of amusement park, operational method, and marketing plan. Your business plan also includes information about yourself and any partners you have.
  • The detailed design of your amusement park consists of 2 parts. First, a description of how much land is needed, what specific mix of attractions you’ll provide, and what other major components you’ll include such as restaurants and theaters. Second, it includes visual designs of the amusement park, as well as a scale model.

Present your feasibility study and business plan to investors and raise the capital you need to start an amusement park.
 Think about approaching business investors such as banks, as well as entertainment corporations and angel investors.

Put your team together.
 You’ll need architects to further expand on your original design, construction experts, landscapers and project managers.

Choose a location for your theme park.
 Make sure the zoning laws allow you to start an amusement park there.

Obtain all necessary permits and licenses.

  • Ask your city which permits you need in order to construct, as well as run your amusement park.
  • Most cities require you to have a business license before opening an amusement park.

Buy insurance for your amusement park. You’ll need property insurance and liability insurance.Construct your amusement park. Adhere to your original design and time schedule as much as possible to avoid costly delays.

Hire personnel.

Promote your amusement park in the media. Consider offering a special opening day price to attract visitors.

Open your amusement park. Invite celebrities to cut the ribbon, as well as national and local press to cover the opening in the media.

Sources and Citations

Amusement park manager, student suggests 8 tips for theme park season

Summer is just around the corner, which means roller coaster season is quickly approaching. For Brandan Howell, a sophomore interior design major, this means going back to work.

Thriving amusement park

Howell has worked at Holiday World, a theme park in Santa Claus, Ind., since he was 14 years old and has been a manager for the past five years. Howell shares his inside knowledge with these theme park tips and tricks:

  1. Make the most out of May

For shorter wait times and smaller crowds, visit theme parks during the month of May. Most high schoolers are still in school, so visit on weekdays. Weather may be temperamental during the early months of summer, so dress accordingly.

  1. Pack lightly

Lockers can rack up a hefty fee at theme parks. To escape the high prices, wear layers. Howell incorporates his bathing suit into his outfit if he plans to ride water rides. If bringing a bag is a must, bring a cheap drawstring bag you wouldn’t mind losing.

  1. Eat beforehand

Food prices can be extremely inflated at amusement parks. Eat a meal before entering the park and after leaving. Try to only eat one meal inside the park or pack a lunch to eat in the parking lot if the park permits re-entering.

  1. Keep up with deals

Many theme parks post deals on their websites or social media accounts. Stay up to date with what is happening in nearby parks. If ticket sales are low for a day, the park may offer last minute deals.

  1. Buy a season pass

If you plan on visiting a theme park multiple times throughout the season, look into buying a season pass. To get the most out of a season pass, purchase it in the winter when prices are cheaper. Season passes usually offer perks too.

  1. Plan a route

Map out which rides and attractions to hit first. Have a plan to avoid continuously walking back and forth.

  1. Make it a trip

When traveling to a theme park far away from home, make a trip out of it. Find cool attractions to visit along the way. Take a couple days and hit up more than one theme park.

  1. Look for cheap lodging

Hotels in and around theme parks can be awfully pricey. Instead, look for local lodging, such as smaller mom-and-pop hotels. To avoid hotels altogether, turn the experience into a camping trip. Find a local campsite and pitch a tent.

3 New Rides Coming to Bay Beach Amusement Park


Three new rides will be coming to the Bay Beach Amusement Park in 2015 and 2016.

The rides were announced at a Green Bay Park Committee Meeting Wednesday night. The committee voted to accept the donation of the rides, which together value more than $1 million.

The city reports that 6.8 million ride tickets were sold at the park last year.

Work will start in the summer of 2015 and the city hopes to have two of the three new rides installed before winter. The third ride is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2016.

The first two rides to be complete are called the Tot Spring Jumper and the Rockin’ Tug Boat. The last ride is called the Falling Star.

A second train route is also expected to be completed sometime soon too. The Giant Slide will have to be closed down for an unknown amount of time while the new train route is built.

Big changes could be coming to Bay Beach Amusement Park in Green Bay

City leaders on Green Bay’s Park Committee will discuss some proposed projects for Bay Beach Amusement Park in 2015. On the top of the list is a second train ride utilizing three donated mini-trains and three thousand feet of donated track. Using these donations park officials are planning for a second train ride on a new route that would run near the Zippin Pippin roller coaster. In order to make that happen, one of the most popular attractions, the giant slide, will need to be moved and may be closed, for a time during the summer.

Since, the city’s department of public works doesn’t have an engineer capable of executing the changes, the Friends of Bay Beach donated more than 47 thousand dollars to hire an outside company. The company is already working on the design of the proposed slide relocation, new train ride, and routes. Crews plan to begin work on the changes at Bay Beach in the spring and hope to be finished by July.

The Green Bay City Council is expected to take up plans for major upgrades at Bay Beach Amusement Park tonight.

The Green Bay Parks Committee says their plan would completely transform Bay Beach. It’s a three-phase project with a $20 million price tag.

The big part of the first phase would be the Sea Dragon ride.  It would hold up to 60 riders and swing to a height of 56 feet.  The ride would be completed in the next two years.

The first phase also includes a rental shelter for events and later a Ferris wheel, playground, board walk, ice rink — and possibly more rides.

Friends of Bay Beach Board have already pledged $5 million.

Ticket prices for the rides are not expected to change.

The proposed plan and the purchase of a big new ride were both approved by the Parks Committee last week, and it is expected to go before City Council for final approval tonight.

Action 2 News will have updates as they become available.

Green Bay’s Bay Beach Amusement Park is now open all day, seven days a week. Besides the exciting rides, you’ll also see more police there through the summer.

The sights and sounds of summer at Bay Beach draw thousands to Green Bay’s hidden gem every year.

“It’s awesome for kids and parents and everybody,” parent Tammy Turino said.

“The lines aren’t long and it’s very cheap, so we have a lot of fun here,” park-goer Garth Perry said.

And city leaders and police want to keep Bay Beach a fun, family-friendly destination. It’s why every weekend and holiday you’ll see extra police patrolling the park.

“We want people to see we’re out there a lot. We want them to feel safe, comfortable,” Police Captain Jim Runge said. “It’s not that we’re having problems, because we’re not, but we want to make sure we don’t have problems.”

At least two officers will make their way through the public park at peak times all summer.

Community Police Officer Craig Carlson said, “It kind of works good. You can see the type of crowd you don’t want here, and we’ll go stop like this by them and they just kind of disperse.”

Police say they’re taking a zero tolerance attitude at Bay Beach and all city parks, so they won’t allow fights or any other bad behavior.

“I can’t recall us ejecting anybody from Bay Beach, but other city parks, for misbehavior, people get given what we call a ‘no trespass’ order, and if you’re given a no trespass to a city park, that means all city parks for a year,” including Bay Beach, Runge said.

Police say their presence is not only a crime deterrent but offers a good opportunity to talk to the community.

“Just to get to know them, let them get to know the officers, that they’re not these big scary guys, they’re just regular people they can talk to, and that’s a way to gather intelligence,” Runge said.

And it’s something many are happy to see.

“I’ve always felt pretty safe here,” park-goer Vicki Hermus said, “but it does, yeah, make me feel safer.”

Breathtaking Branson attractions


Opening Spring 2015 comes 10 NEW Family Adventures in All-NEW Fireman’s Landing designed for kids ages 3 to 93! Featuring 6 NEW Rides ® 4 Interactive Play Zones this near 2-acre area will immerse you and your family into the days of bucket brigades and volunteer firemen with a range of activities where everyone can play together!

Silver Dollar City is home to more than 40 fun-filled rides that offer something exciting for each member of the family, from speeding steel coasters to wild water rides. Test your grit aboard great thrill rides such as Outlaw Run® - the World’s Most Daring Wood Coaster – Voted Best New Ride of 2013 worldwide! WildFire®, PowderKeg® and The GIANT Barn Swing will also excite the daredevils in your family! Plenty more pulse-quickening Branson attractions can be found within the park.

Silver Dollar City offers some of the most fun Branson kids’ activities. Younger members of the family will delight in exploring the fun at the Grand Exposition including kid-friendly thrill rides such as the Grand Exposition Coaster, Magnificent Wave Carousel, Elephant March and so much more! And who could resist taking a tour ofMarvel Cave or riding the rails of the Frisco Silver Dollar Line Steam Train?

If you want to spend more time riding and less time waiting in line, purchase a Trailblazer Pass and get right to the front of the line on all your favorite rides! Visitors should also download our Silver Dollar City Mobile App to get estimated ride times for each ride.

American Plunge

Negative-G Visits The Defunct Joyland Park In Wichita, KansasFrom classic coasters and thrilling attractions to the best Branson kids’ activities and rides, Silver Dollar City is your family’s favorite place to play!

Nothing’s better than a float trip through the Ozarks wilderness on a hot summer day. But don’t get too relaxed, there are falls dead ahead!

Climb more than five stories into the sky and splash down at speeds reaching 35 miles per hour! You’ll create an outrageous splash that will drench you, and everyone nearby. This traditional log flume ride offers a thrilling way to get a refreshing all-American soaking!

Elephant March

Have you ever seen a flying elephant? Well, get ready for your first ride on the back of one of these regal parading pachyderms, direct from the jungles of Siam. March your elephant round and round. You’re in control of how high you go, soar skyward or stay near the ground!

Weather:  This ride will not be in operation with temperatures 35 degrees or less.

Electro Spin

Reaching dizzying speeds, this mechanical sensation spins round and round, launching you 50 feet toward the sky before careening up another 50 feet in the opposite direction. You and your fellow riders will sit along the edge of the disk shaped platform, facing outward, as it rotates past treetops and into the sky! It’s a grand marvel of technological wonder like no other!

Weather:  This ride will not be in operation with temperatures 35 degrees or less.

Grand Exposition Coaster

Thrilling young and old alike, this electromechanical rail coaster dips, turns and flies 20 feet in the air along the 20-foot track at speeds up to 20mph. You’ll want to ride again and again for the chance to squeal with delight. It’s a great opportunity to introduce children to the rush of excitement that your first real coaster ride brings!

Weather: This ride will not be in operation with temperatures of 42 degrees or less.

Happy Frogs

SDC Rides GEFrogsCU 670Get ready for a rousing game of leapfrog with your friends! Jumping leaps and bounds above the ground, your children will giggle with delight aboard these amphibian acrobats. It’s a crowd favorite in the Insectarium that keeps kids hoppin’!

Weather: This ride will not be in operation in temperatures 35 degrees or less.


Magnificent Wave Carousel

Enjoy an enchanting and beautiful ride on giant swings that provide a bird’s-eye view of the Exposition Grounds. This high-flying journey will send you and your loved ones swinging up and out on a 40-foot flight above the treetops for one of the most breathtaking rides on park.

Weather: This ride will not be in operation with temperatures of 35 degrees or less.

Royal Tea Party

This dizzyfying rides really hits the spot! Twelve spinning tea cups represent tea companies from around the world in countries such as England, India, China and Ceylon! With 5 friends per cup, you can control have fast you spin. Twirl your way to an afternoon tickled with laughter!

Weather: This ride will not be in operation with temperatures of 35 degrees or less.

7082122373_1800125c57_bWings of Wonder

Ever wonder what it would be like to soar through the summer sky like a beautiful butterfly? Well, here’s your little one’s chance to take flight on one of nature’s most lovely insects. Watch with joy as they glide gracefully into the wild blue and beyond.

Weather: This ride will not be in operation with temperatures of 35 degrees or less.



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